lørdag 21. juli 2012

For my English speaking friends ;)

I recently discovered that there is a way to check out where your blog readers come from, and actually quite a few is from other countries than Norway.
So to all of you American, Japanese, Hungarian, Austrian and everyone else who doesn't understand Norwegian; this is the English update on Kennel Hundelykke (Dog happiness) 1st litter of vizslapups:
We chose a handsome Danish male for Mischa, and we drove down to mate them the 4th of may. They hit it off and mated twice that day before we drove back to Norway again.
Since I work at a clinic as a veterinary assistant I took an early ultrasound and it showed minipups just after a couple of weeks. Took another one and we saw six little bubbles with babies in them.. At least.
When time came for x-ray to be taken, we were pretty sure we counted seven heads in there. And we were right :)
On the evening of her 60th day of pregnancy, the 4th of July, Mischa went into labor, and six hours later our seven wonders were born; Dodger Blue, Honey Dew, Burly Wood, Crimson Red, Misty Rose, Sienna Brown and Slate Grey.
We chose to name them different colors since their dads name is Azur.
Mischa was, and still is, a wonderful mom who takes excellent care of the little ones. Up until two days ago (when they turned two weeks) they have been busy eating and sleeping... And that's basically it ;)
But on wednesday they started opening their eyes and all of a sudden they walked around on wiggly feet. They also try out more sounds like barking (so cute, they usually fall over when they do it), or growling which sounds like a kitten purring ;)
Dodger, our first born, was one of the largest when he arrived, but is now one of the smallest. So I sit together with Mischa when she feeds them and make sure he gets enough milk, on every feeding. This is also a nice way to bond with the pups, they usually crawl up in my lap and fall asleep afterwards. And I really don't mind a couple of soft happy pups in my arms... It's quite wonderful!
I won't translate the whole blog, but I'll give you updates now and then in English so you can follow the pups a little besides the pictures.

Posts and comments are very welcome! :)

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